Perceiving the beautiful world around me and photographing it is a passion. I pursue beauty through the lens by making sense of the chaotic real world and finding harmony, balance and proportion in the chaos. I see beauty in a landscape untouched by human hands, as well as in flowers, plants, trees, and people. I see beauty in man- made things, like architecture, streets, objects and artifacts. The intersection of man and nature interests me as a photographer insofar as this relationship is healthy.

My favorite subject is unspoiled nature. Before nature I feel an indescribable joy, an infinite emotion before its beauty, power, and transiency. A scene does not ever come back to us twice, for it is unique each time we look at it. So when I perceive what moves me deeply, when I am captured in rapture by this unique vision, I trigger the shutter.

Mara Rubin; Photo by Sofia Rubin;

                                         Mara Rubin. Photo by Sofia Rubin.